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RPPW'09  Ausschnitt klThe Chiricahua Apache (NDÉ) are the Indigenous People of the Southwest, the lands now known as New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and the states of Sonora and Chihuahua, in northern Mexico. Over time, the Apache occupied and existed within their territories, with each local group adapting to their own distinct environment, climate and or terrains by available food sources. This territory has become known to all as the “Apacheria.” Through creation stories and an oral history passed down for hundreds of generations, the Apache have maintained their heritage and culture to this day.

The Chiricahua people are probably the widest known group of Apache, based on the prolific dancer-gray.1 kland often romanticized portrayals of two great leaders, Geronimo and Cochise. In truth, leaders and all Apache displayed character traits like no others. After their surrender in 1886, the Chiricahua people were displaced and scattered. Some were shuffled from prison sites in Florida, Alabama and Oklahoma, becoming the longest held prisoners of war in history - 27 years. This experience has become an element of our identity - one of adaptation to any environment - that we continue to honor with organizations such as the Chiricahua Apache prisoner of War Descendents.Silver City (Grant County) is the original homeland of the Chiricahua Apache, who have come together as a group to provide stability to the population of Native Americans in this area. The Red Paint Tribal Council promotes the Red Paint Powwow, held every January. Our event has become a major tourist attraction and provides much needed "Representation of Cultures" for this area


"This is Apache Land, this has always been Apache Land"



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